Board and Staff

Social Economy Network Board
Anna McAleavy (Chair) (NI Co-op)
Agnes Lamont (Acceptable Enterprises Larne Ltd)
Manus Maguire (Company Secretary) (Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum)
Claire Ferris (Work West)
Audrey Murray (Deputy Chair) (LEDCOM)
Ken Nelson (Enterprise Northern Ireland)
Erskine Holmes (Ulster Provident)
Brian Howe (Ulster Community Investment Trust)
Aisling Owens (Lisburn Enterprise Organisation)

Board Working Groups

Website: Anna McAleavy, Claire Ferris and Aisling Owens
Recruitment: Ken Nelson, Erskine Holmes, Claire Ferris and Anna McAleavy
Premises: Anna McAleavy, Agnes Lamont and Erskine Holmes
Membership: Claire Ferris, Audrey Murray and Agnes Lamont
Insurance: Aisling Owens
Audit: Manus Maguire, Brian Howe and Erskine Holmes

Director: Anne Graham