Interdepartmental Steering Group


In November 2001, the Executive agreed to the recommendation that an Inter-Departmental Steering Group (IDSG), to be led by DETI, should be formed to develop a more integrated approach to the Social Economy.

Terms of Reference

All Departments (and associated Agencies/Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) to review their programmes and policies to:

Identify their impact (positive and negative) on the Social Economy;
Bring forward proposals to develop their support structures and remove any obstacles;
Exchange ideas and information;
Avoid duplication and maximise resources; and
Contribute to the development and implementation of a more integrated, strategic approach to the Social Economy.

Members will represent their Department and will ensure that input to IDSG activity covers all appropriate Departmental/NDPB areas.

Meetings, chaired by a member of DETI Senior Civil Service with responsibility for the Social Economy Unit, will take place on a quarterly basis, with SEU providing the secretariat.

IDSG members to attend and contribute to the Social Economy Forum, which will agree a work programme to be carried forward by the IDSG, the Social Economy Network and the two working together.

The Special EU Programmes Body will have observer status on the IDSG.

IDSG Members

Mr Jeff Johnson, Department of the Environment
Ms Sharon Polson, Invest NI
Mr Dave Wall, DSD
Ms Michel Scott, DETI
Dr Gerry Mulligan, OFMDFM
Ms Liz Stewart, Dept Regional Development
Marian McIlhone, DHSSPS
Mr Brendan O’Neill, Department of Finance & Personnel
Ms Jan Harvey, DEL
Mr John McGuiness, DEL
Ms Shirely McKee, Dept.of Education
Mr Michael McLernon, DARD
Ms Sharon Polson, Invest NI
Ms Patricia Elliott, DCAL
Ms Brenda Hegarty, SEUPB